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In store!

In store, you will find more than 80 bulk ingredients to make natural therapeutic and body care products. Most of our products are offered in bulk : Bring your own containers to save even more!

Here are some of our bulk products

Please note that as an importer, we can offer great prices on quantities of 5kg or more. Contact us!

Healthy, natural, and organic vegetable oilS

Apricot kernel
Avocado (oil and butter)
Callophylluma inophyllum
Castor oïl
Coconut (regular and extra virgin)
Palme (environmentally friendly)
Pumpkin Seeds
Soy (organic, non-GMO)
Sweet almond
Wheat germ

Other ingredients in bulk

8 waxes: vegetable emulsifying wax, carnauba, candelilla, rose, jasmine, soy, Olivem 1000, GMS

6 clays: red, pink, white, Rasul, yellow, green

Basic products: natural cleansing base, neutral lotion base, neutral cream base

Mineral powders: zinc oxide, mica, oxides (red, blue, green, yellow, black, brown), serecite

Extracts, powders and fruit seeds / herbs: green tea, St. John's Wort, rose, sandalwood, blueberry, raspberry, kiwi, orange, lavender, chamomile, cranberry, rosewood

Others: Vegetable Glycerin, organic apple cider vinegar 9% (9% yes!!), acetic acid, organic coconut milk powder, organic coconut chips, salt from the Dead Sea, organic algae seaweed, sodium bicarbonate, potassium sorbate, stearic acid, borax, citric acid, acetyl alcohol, arabic gum, molds and prints for soaps, specialized books on aromatherapy and natural production, essential oils diffuser, suppository molds

Not to mention:

Our aromatherapy section, including a variety of organic hydrosols and authentic essential and chromatographed oils, as well as diffusers. Do not forget to ask for your 20% discount if you currently study aromatherapy or natural body care products production, no matter which school you go at!

Our line of all-natural makeup, including more than 24 shades of lipstick, lip gloss, pencils for the eyes and eyelids, our ecologic nail polish, our natural mascara, blush and our foundation powder that you can add to your day cream. We’ve got everything for your natural beauty!

Also, we’ve got 22 workshops where we teach you about nearly 80 personal products, as well as personalized products making services and many other services ; All of that reunited in one place to enhance your physical, emotional and spiritual health!