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Our Mission

Noblessence’s mission is to make sure that aromatherapists and others interested in alternative medicine have access to raw materials of the highest quality for the production of healthy and natural therapeutic or cosmetic beauty products. The raw materials offered by Noblessence meet strict control standards to ensure their quality and integrity. Noblessence wishes to help revive traditional practices in which people made their own products for body and mind care, using only the finest ingredients, generously offered by Nature.

In the past, men and women cared for themselves with pure and healthy products, herbal oils and natural extracts. That way, their skin was nourished with nutrients that ensured both internal and external beauty. With the industrial era, however, cosmetic companies have developed skin care products with chemicals foreign to the body cells rather than with plant extracts and natural oils. In addition, to ensure the stability of these products, the industry has had more use of stabilizers proven to be irritants, allergens, and even carcinogenic in laboratory studies. Sadder still, these products have been tested on millions of animals who suffered severe irritations of the skin and eyes, allergies and even cancer. The government does not require cosmetic industries to mention the content of their products on their labels. Catchy advertisements insist on the effectiveness of the products, while hiding their true ingredients. Among them, we find dyes and synthetic fragrances, carcinogenic emulsifiers (PEG) as well as allergenic stabilizers.